Thomas Amis House 2019 - 2021 Events

Civil War Actors

GEN Rbt. E. Lee (David Chaltas)
President Abe Lincoln (Tom Wright)
GEN JEB Stuart (Lucas Wilder)
GEN Alexander P. Stewert

December 11th One Day Only!
Event open at 10:00am, Home Tours begin at 12:00
Thomas Amis Historic Site
Rogersville, TN
  • RICK REVEL, the host and CEO of AME-TV (ROKU)
  • Caleb Howard, Well known Musician
  • Colonial Guests - Jeb Stuarts (Wayne and Pam Jones)
  • Civil War Actors - Abe Lincoln (Tom Wright), GEN Lee (David Chaltas), General Jackson (Danny Buckner), General JEB Stuart (Lucas Wilder), General Pendleton (Ken Creswell), General Longstreet (Bill White)
  • American Indian Guests - Whiteraven, Whitebuffalo, Walking Bear, Dancing Eagle, Soaring Bear, Yellow Feather, Red Horse, and others.

  • They will have their merchandize set up in and around the Visitors Center. American Indians, vendors and Civil War Actors will be located at the Amis Visitor Center(after Pavilion Presentations)
  • Colonists will gather at Blacksmith Cabin & Amis Home
Come and share Colonial Christmas with us, as we celebrate the birth of Christ, American Indian heritage, Colonial, Revolutionary, Civil War and partake at Amis Mill Eatery as you await on the tour.

Thomas Amis Colonial Christmas Home Tour
Saturday, December 14, 2019
1pm – 5pm
$10 Preservation Donation
Colonial Guests
American Indian Guests and authentic gift sales

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Although this event is over, we want to thank you for helping make this event a success!
Please visit Amis Grounds often.
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